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  1. [G] EFL Cup 3rd round - Northampton Town vs Manchester United
  2. [G] EFL Cup Fourth Round - United beat City 1-0
  3. [G] EFL Cup - Goes to Semifinal, United 4-1 West Ham United
  4. [G] Hosted Reading at Old Trafford, FA Cup 3rd Round
  5. [G] EFL Cup Semifinal 1st Leg - Manchester United vs Hull City
  6. [G] EFL Cup Semifinal 2nd Leg - Hull City vs Manchester United
  7. [G] Manchester United vs Wigan Athletic at Old Trafford - FA Cup 4th round
  8. [G] FA Cup 5th round - goes to quarter-finals, Blackburn vs ManUtd
  9. [G] EFL Cup Final - Manchester United vs Southampton
  10. [G] FA Cup quarter-final, trip to London vs Chelsea