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Default This is the united indonesia way - chanters

Olla matey....

gw mau share beberapa chants ya....
biar NonBar United Indonesia itu ga akan pernah sepi....
toh.... kita terkenalnya... YA CHANTING B4ST4RDS... huahahaha

1. WHO'S THAT TEAM WE CALL UNITED (sama nada dengan lagu Tevez "twat!")

Who's that team we call United,
Who's that team we all adore,
They're the boys in Red & White,
And they fight with all their might,
And they're going to show the b4st*rds how to score.

Bring on your Chelsea and Arsenal,
Bring on Spaniards by the score,
Barcelona Real Madrid,
They will make a gallant bit,
But United are the greatest team of all.

Who's that Knocking on the window,
Who's that Knocking on the door,
It's Steven Gerard and his mates,
Eating Turkey off their plates,
'Cos they can't get in to Europe any more...


Who's that twat from Argentina?
Who's that money grabbing wh0re?
Carlos Tevez is his name, and he hasn't got a brain,
And he won't be winning trophies any more...

3. IN MOSCOW WE MADE IT 3 (to the tune of Que Sera Sera)

Que sera sera,
Whatever will be will be,
In moscow we made it 3,
Que sera sera...

4. STEVE GERARD (Que Sera Sera)

Steeeeeve Gerrard, Gerrard,
He kisses the badge on his chest,
Then puts in a transfer request,
Steve Gerrard, Gerrard...!


Viva Hernandez,
Viva Hernandez,
Signed from Mexico,
'Cos we got no dough...


His armband lied he was no red Torres Torres
He left the Kop to join The Shed Torres Torres
In their back he plunged his knife
I hope John Terry shags his wife
Fernando Torres is kunt!

7. IN YOUR LIVERPOOL SLUMS (full version)

In your Liverpool slums,
You trashed through the garbage for something to eat,
You found a dead rat and you thought it's a treat,
In your Liverpool slums

In your Liverpool slums,
You sh1te on the carpet, you p1ss in the bath,
You finger your grandma, and think its a laugh,
In your Liverpool slums.

In your Liverpool slums,
You speak in an accent exceedingly rare,
You wear a pink tracksuit and have curly hair,
In your Liverpool slums.

In your Liverpool slums,
Your mum's on the game and your dad's in the nick,
You can't get a job 'cos you're too fcu k1 ng thick,
In your Liverpool slums.

In your Liverpool slums,
You used to sing "Munich" but not anymore,
Since ninety-six Scousers lay dead on the floor,
In your Liverpool slums.

8. Bye Bye Ronaldo (to the tune of Viva Ronaldo)

Bye, Bye, Ronaldo,
Bye, Bye, Ronaldo,
Told the fans you'd stay,
Then you f**ked away,
Bye, Bye, Ronaldo...


Oooohh, Gerrard is a wanker
He plays for Liverpool.
His missus was a prostitute
While she was back in school.
She now works as a model
Her t1ts and arse on show,
And if you want to shag the stag,
then It's 40 pence a go!

10. YOU'LL NEVER WIN THE LEAGUE (to the so called famous YNWA anthem)

Dream on, Dream on,
With envy (sh1te) in your heart,
And you'll never with the league,
You'll never win the league - again, again, again...

11. CHICHARITO, UNITED'S NUMBER 14 (to the tune of Torres, Liverpool number 9)

Chicharito is his name,
Chico, Chico,
He scores when Rooney is away,
Chico, Chico,
We bought the lad from Mexico,
7 mil, worth all the dough,
Javier Hernandez,
United's number 14...

12. WAYNE ROONEY (khusus buat stephan .... )

I saw my mate the other day,
He said to me he saw the white Pele,
So I asked, who is he?
He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney,
Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney,
He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney...


Chelshite, wherever you may be...
DON'T leave your wife with John Terry
Could be worse, could be scouse...
He'd fcu k your wife then robs your house!

14. FROM THE BANKS OF IRWILL (new version)

From the banks of Irwell, to Sicily
Where we will fight! fight! fight!
For Man United FC!

15. FROM THE BANKS OF IRWILL (old version)

From the banks of the River Irwell,
To the shores of Sicily,
We will fight fight fight,
For United,
Till we win the football league,
Till we win the Liverpool,
Till we win Man city (they're sh*t!),
We will fight fight fight for United,
Till we win the football league...

16. JAAP STAM (classic)

Yip Jaap Stam is a big Dutchman,
Get past him if you f*cking can,
Try a little trick and he'll make you look a dick,
Yip Yap Jaap Stam...

nanti dilanjut lagi... kalau ada yang mau nambahin.... monggo....


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